A UK’s leading bakery brand was wasting tons of damaged product which was being thrown away daily. The 7 day continuous production line was capable of producing 48,000 units per hour. Tasked with reducing scrap, Client engaged with us on a “war with waste” and a bespoke program was launched.


The focus was to categorize types of waste through the process to identify where in production line it was being produced and when. Tracking, metrics and scrap stations were created to identify hot zones and production teams drove the deep dive analysis. This resulted in standardized process settings being defined by product for each process, and audit controls implemented to prevent variation.


Outcome was a 30% waste reduction and $1.8M savings from previous year’s figures


The “war on waste” resulted in production managers and their teams learning deep-dive Continuous Improvement tools and techniques, including: Standard Work, introduction of SOPs and Audit Controls. The USD 1.8M Savings made it all worth while.