Food & Beverage / Hospitality

Food & Beverage / Hospitality


Middle East inflight catering producing over 120 K meal daily asked for help to resolve food shortages for passengers on aircraft. Production shortages of food caused delay of trays assembly resulting in flight delay and food shortages onboard.


To reduce flight delays and food shortages on board.


2 months project included but was not limited to:

Identifying inefficiency, duplications, complexity, opportunity for errors, delays, illogical or inefficient sequencing in portioning batches prepared and handed over on time to assembly team.

  • Create Problem context diagram
  • Study upstream process study
  • Study portioning process
  • Identified issue
  • Study downstream process
  • Construct initial flowchart
  • Capture quality concerns in the process
  • Identify inefficiency

It was identified that 2 Batches preparation was adding unnecessary pressure to provide stock that were unnecessary to complete tray assembly flights wise, this not only result with ongoing falling behind schedule but also in decreased product shelf life.  For example, Batch A could only be completed when A-B-C were completed since merged quantities were produced in sequential order within 12 hours instead of 4 hours.  The inflight catering gained control of dispatching the right quantity of trays to the aircraft as per requirement, changes made also contributed to extend the product shelf life.


On time flight departure indicator grew from 65% to 90% OTP (on time performance) and food shortages on board were reduced to none with positive impact on Customer Satisfaction scores.