Our Client is a Logistics, multi-sites Business whose objective was to deliver sustainable improvement in operational performance through engaging its employees and applying lean practices on operational floor.  Externally, Client’s volumes had been shrinking for first time in 25 years.  New, more nimble competitors began to enter market by setting up alternative products and services at cheaper prices, directly threatening business profitability and posing an existential threat.   Internally, the deployment of elements of strategic vision was inconsistent at best.

Leadership appeared confused as to strategy’s purpose and accountabilities, pointing towards a certain lack of capability to deploy. A suboptimal culture prevailed and large capital investment was required in technology to manage obsolescence and provide opportunity for growth.

Client’s ultimate goal was to establish a culture of Continuous Improvement.


We agreed on a vital few objectives. Namely, (1) to establish a community of leaders capable of embedding a culture of continuous improvement through an engaged workforce, hard-wired into application of basic standards of production control. (2) To be able to demonstrate results by identifying clear operational improvements brought about directly as a result of CI programmer and (3) to create a hard core of plants where CI activities were to become integrated and aligned with Company’s overall strategic vision.


The outcome was a 30% increase in leadership through workforce engagement.