Major Project’s Readiness and Activation

Major Project’s Readiness and Activation


Deliver the successful Airport opening of a major International Airport, including the set up and deployment of quality operations from the very start across all Airport Stakeholders 


To develop the entire Airport Infrastructure from scratch (green field airport) wherein the final quality of the facility along with its overall operation efficiency are there to support the Country’s future growth.  To guarantee that the Quality of Service Level of the predominant operating Airline is met  to further enable the growth of their business model.


  • We developed perfect well-structured Airport functions and services leaving no room for errors or gaps;
  • We left behind clear accountability for all Airport Stakeholders, with interfaces and issues being resolved throughout the Project;
  • We planned and deployed the new Airport Operator Organization adept at competently running the Airport;
  • We managed a full Interface resolution aimed at involving and engaging the entire Airport Development Team, ensuring end-user requirements were first gathered and service levels met;  
  • We facilitated Familiarization, Functional, Facilities and other job-specific Training;
  • We conducted an extensive Trials Operation Programme;
  • We delivered the final Airport Activation through planning and implementation activities;
  • We guaranteed a smooth Airport Transition (the physical move) through extensive cross-functional planning and implementation;


This major Airport opened successfully without any glitches and has proven to deliver the Quality Levels and operational efficient flows as originally planned, making it one of the top airports in the world.