How to network effectively with online training

Networking is not about making a hard sell, it’s about building relationships and being genuinely interested in helping people. The prospect of networking may be daunting to some, which is why we have designed this course to help people how to network, develop their networking skills and build their confidence in talking to others.

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Through interactive exercises and activities, the Networking for Success course will help you identify and create opportunities by networking, create a positive first impression, and utilise social media effectively.

The Networking for Success course is optimised for all devices and takes approximately two hours of study time to complete. For the best learning experience, we recommend taking the training in several sittings. With one months’ access to the material, you will have plenty of time to study and revisit the content. To ensure continued success, you will also have access to our lifetime support.

What will I learn?

This course will help you to develop your communication skills, and make the most of opportunities at networking events.

The Networking for Success course covers the following topics:

  • Assessing your networking skills and identifying areas to be improved.
  • Identifying and creating opportunities.
  • Creating a positive first impression.
  • Starting conversations.
  • Techniques for remembering names.
  • Body language.
  • Handling tough situations.
  • Introversion vs. extroversion.
  • Organising your network.
  • Using social media.

    Learning outcomes

    This course will ultimately develop your ability to make a good first impression and develop relationships with contacts made at networking events.

    The Networking for Success course will help you to:

    • Introduce yourself in a meaningful, memorable way.
    • Be goal focused about networking so that you make the most of events you attend.
    • Apply the concept of ‘give first and be helpful’ as part of a system of reciprocity.
    • Use strategy and systems in order to network effectively.
    • Leverage the availability and usefulness of the Internet, including LinkedIn and Twitter.


      There are no prerequisites for taking the Networking for Success course.

      Who should attend?

      This course is designed for those who regularly attend networking events. You’ll be provided with some key tips for improving your confidence when speaking to others, making a good first impression and using social media responsibly.