Lean 5S training is designed to provide you with the tools and skills required to increase and sustain efficiency in any process. The online 5S course will teach you all there is to know about the Lean workplace method. Learn at your own pace and in your own time with the flexible option of online training.

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Online Lean 5S Training Course

5S is a simple but transformative workplace organisation method. It has helped organisations worldwide increase and sustain high levels of efficiency, saving vast amounts of time and money. Through our 5S Training, you can learn to implement it in your workplace and at home. You will gain the tools to introduce the method and the knowledge to champion the technique.

Our 5S training covers all core principles of the training and is designed by Lean Masters. You will benefit from their decades of experience implementing these methodologies worldwide and across industries. This highly practical course will enable you to confidently make immediate improvements with real long-term benefits. It’s available as an open or bespoke classroom course, and online. All options come with lifetime support, certification and two CPD points.

Learn at your own pace and in your own time, with the flexible option of our online 5S training, which provides you with the tools and skills required to increase and sustain efficiency in a process.. By choosing eLearning, you won’t have to worry about keeping up with other students or taking time out of the office. Our online 5S training course is designed inhouse by Lean Masters, so you still receive the same high-quality training as our classroom courses. You will also receive support from your personal Lean Master, who will only ever be an email away.

Our online 5S training comes with a British voiceover and is optimised for both desktops and tablets. Consisting of interactive videos, exercises and quizzes, the course takes around two hours to complete. To ensure you have more than enough time to complete the course, you will have access to the materials for one month. The examination is multiple choice and can be taken numerous times.

We are proud to offer lifetime support and are so confident in our training that certification is guaranteed.

What will I learn?

Our 5S training is highly practical, including interactive activities and games. This style of learning allows you to practice and develop your skills so you complete your qualification confident and able to make immediate improvements.

The 5S training course content includes:

  • Introduction to 5S
  • Outline of 5S, and how to implement each
  • How to deploy 5S – problems and solutions
  • Practice audits and review of an area
  • Savings possible through 5S training
  • How 5S fits in with your organisation

    Learning outcomes

    This 5S training course will teach you the tools and techniques to reduce waste and increase efficiency. Almost immediately after course completion you will be able to make positive changes.

    The improvements you put in place will not only save your organisation money, but will transform workplaces into optimised and safe environments. You will be able to confidently communicate the benefits of workplace organisation and gain team support to achieve continued success.

    After our 5S training course you will:

    • Understand 5S, and how to implement it
    • Be able to communicate the benefits of 5S
    • Create efficient, standardised and safe environments and systems
    • Be able to identify problems and eliminate them
    • Apply workplace organisation to any environment, including your home
    • Know how to mobilise a team to embrace workplace organisation

    Our 5S training course includes guaranteed certification and comes with 2 CPD points.


    There are no prerequisites for taking this qualification.

    Who should attend?

    Whether applied at home or work, 5S training will give you the tools to stop the waste of time, money and energy. The adaptability of 5S makes this course suitable for anyone, within any industry.