Train and qualify as an effective Kaizen Facilitator at a time and place that suits you with our eLearning option. Containing the same content as our traditional training and designed by our Master Black Belts, you will gain all the skills you need to lead successful Kaizen events in any industry.

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The comprehensive course provides a thorough understanding of Kaizen events, including the structure and tools, along with high-level facilitation training. Through interactive eLearning, you will become a confident Kaizen Facilitator ready to apply your skills in the workplace and achieve the benefits of a Kaizen blitz. On course completion, you will become a confident Kaizen Facilitator with lifetime access to our support.

About this course

Lean Kaizen events, or Kaizen Blitz, are used to review a problem, identify the root cause and then implement a solution in a short period of time. This quick approach is popular with businesses all over the world and an essential part of Lean. Our Lean Kaizen Facilitator training will provide you with the knowledge to run your own successful Kaizen events and become a certified Kaizen facilitator.

With over 20 years experience running Kaizen events, our Master Black Belts have designed a training course to provide you with quality Kaizen Facilitator training in-house or via our interactive eLearning. On successful completion of the course and exam, you will receive a certificate and CPD points. To ensure your continued success as a Kaizen Facilitator, you will also have unlimited access to our lifetime support.

What will I learn?

Our Kaizen Facilitator training will provide you with both the knowledge and practical skills to run successful Kaizen events. You will complete your training confident in the methodology of Kaizen Blitz and the psychology required to get the best from your team. You will have tested your knowledge with a short quiz and you’ll have shown your practical skills by running a Kaizen event.

The Kaizen Facilitator training course structure is as follows:

  • Introduction to Kaizen and Rapid Improvement Workshops
  • Explore the power of Kaizen Events
  • Skills of an effective Kaizen Lead
  • Introduction to Lean, Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma
  • Explore the DMAIC roadmap and its tools
  • Identifying the Voice of the Customer
  • Performing a Stakeholder Analysis
  • Team selection process
  • Risk Management
  • Identifying and validating project benefits
  • Visual Management
  • Mistake-proofing
  • Implementing pull
  • Process balancing
  • How to ensure a successful Kaizen Event
  • Summarising Kaizen and the vital role of a Kaizen Lead

    Learning outcomes

    A Kaizen facilitator can solve problems and improve businesses quickly and effectively. By taking our Kaizen Facilitator training, you will certify as a Kaizen facilitator with a proven ability to run successful Kaizen Blitz and deliver results for any industry. Not only will you provide financial benefits to your employer, but you’ll have the ability to get the most out of a team and generate a culture of positive change.

    Following completion of the Kaizen Facilitator training, you will be able to:

    • Lead Kaizen events which solve problems, remove waste and improve businesses
    • Select appropriate areas for Kaizen improvement
    • Use the key practical and softer skills required to be a successful Kaizen Facilitator
    • Use the templates and guides to run effective and enjoyable Kaizen events
    • Select the best team and get the most from them during a Kaizen Blitz
    • Understand common mistakes and how to avoid them
    • Capture and report on Kaizen event results

    Our Kaizen Facilitator course is certified by CPD and so is internationally recognised. This certification also qualifies you for CPD points.


    There are no prerequisites for this kaizen Facilitator training course.

    Who should attend?

    Our Kaizen Facilitator training is applicable to all industries and so is suitable for anyone wanting to run a Kaizen event. It is also great for those wanting to learn how to improve problem-solving at their organisation.