You can take the Black Belt Upgrade as an online training course, even if you originally took your Green Belt in the classroom. Our eLearning gives you the freedom to learn at your own pace and allows you to revisit challenging topics until you feel confident moving on.

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As well as the interactive online training, there are also plenty of exercises and downloadable materials so you’re not tied to your computer screen. The course takes around 65 hours to complete, which includes 35 hours of eLearning and exercises as well as a minimum of 30 hours for your project work (assuming you only need to complete one).

The course is optimised for both tablets and desktop computers, and comes with a British English voiceover.

You’ll get unlimited email support with this course, so you won’t need to worry about learning on your own. Book now to take the next step in your Lean Six Sigma career.

About this course

The Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Upgrade training course has been created for those who have already trained to Green Belt level but would like to become certified Black Belts. We ask all delegates to refresh their memory of the key tools and techniques before the course.

In order to take this course you must prove you’ve been adequately trained as a Green Belt. If you’ve taken your Green Belt training with us, all you need to do is apply and we’ll get you enrolled for your Black Belt Upgrade as soon as possible. However, if you’ve trained with another provider we’ll need to see proof of training and your completed project work.

You can learn online, in the classroom or we can come to you! Once you’ve completed the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Upgrade, you’ll be confident in your ability to run and manage complex, cross-functional problems and ensure they don’t return.

What will I learn?

Successful Lean Six Sigma Black Belts need to combine technical ability with the social skills required to influence and drive meaningful change. The training covers the DMAIC-based framework and also covers the necessary soft skills to ensure you are successful in the role.

As you’ve already completed the training required to achieve a Green Belt certification, the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Upgrade picks up the baton where you left off. You’ll learn the advanced tools and techniques for more complex problems, and enhance your soft skills to effectively influence at all levels.

The duration of your training depends on whether you choose to learn online, in the classroom or for us to come and deliver training at your place of work. If you did not complete your Green Belt through 100% Effective, you may need to submit two projects, so allow enough time for that.

Learning outcomes

By taking the Black Belt Upgrade, you’re gaining valuable skills to solve complicated and strategically important issues in your workplace. For this reason, an experienced Black Belt can earn upwards of £70,000.

However, following a Black Belt Upgrade you’ll also deliver a much greater benefit to your employer than as a Green Belt. Our research has shown that the average Black Belt project delivers a return on investment (including the cost of training and development) of seven to one, compared to five to one for Green Belt projects.

Following completion of the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Upgrade you will be able to:

  • Use DMAIC and Lean Six Sigma across any function to improve a business
  • Use data to identify the root causes of problems
  • Apply Lean Six Sigma principles, tools and techniques and explain the concepts to others
  • Lead improvement teams to solve complicated and strategically important problems
  • Understand and implement change in an organisation
  • Successfully collect and use Voice of the Customer data
  • Collect and analyse data correctly to support informed decision making
  • Develop and implement solutions, using advanced methodologies, to ensure problems are solved permanently
  • Certify as a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt to enhance your professional status

By completing the Black Belt Upgrade you’ll get 90 internationally recognised CPD points.

We follow the industry best practice certification process. It ensures you have understood Lean Six Sigma at Black Belt level, and have successfully completed a minimum of two projects. One of the projects can be the one you previously completed as a Green Belt, if it is adequate.

The Impact Consulting best practice approach to certification detailed above is more than enough to be considered certified by future employers and practitioners.

This is a CSSC Accredited Black Belt™. Impact Consulting certification is included in the price and requires completion of our online exam and successfully presenting two completed DMAIC projects. However, some delegates may wish to get their qualification endorsed by CSSC. The only method to earn a CSSC certification is to successfully sit and pass an official CSSC certification™ exam.


In order to attend this course you must have previously completed Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training and completed a project to certify.

Once you have purchased, if you did not complete your Lean Six Sigma Green Belt with Impact Consulting, you will be contacted to provide evidence of your previous qualification. You will not gain access to the course materials until evidence has been provided and your eligibility for the course has been confirmed.

Who should attend?

Black Belt Upgrade training is designed for professionals who have already taken Green Belt training. You should have senior responsibility for change management projects, or intend to take responsibility for them in a new role.