Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training (Level 3)


Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training is designed for experienced professionals to improve business performance. The program aims to provide participants with the necessary knowledge to conduct an analytical process improvement project.

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The level of proficiency in the 6 Sigma method is characterized by the understanding and application of various methods and principles in work. If you have challenges running projects for some reason, we can offer case studies.

Our training lets you learn at your own speed and take enough time to challenge various topics before you move on. You will also get email support from an assigned Master Black Belt. You will always have someone to contact during and after completing your Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training.

Level 3 of this program is a requirement for most middle and senior management-level roles. Those who acquire this certification are often sought after because of their ability and skills. They combine their technical capability with teamwork skills needed to influence, inform, and promote change.

The Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training includes a framework based on DMAIC, and it also helps to offer the required general skills to make you super effective in the task.

Course Content of Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

  • Introduction
  • Define
  • Anaylse
  • Measure
  • Improve
  • Control
  • Change Management SkillsThe training material is delivered following the DMAIC project approach, which provides a clear structure for the implementation of the project from the initial phase to the consolidation of the results obtained:
    • D(Define), Definition – Description of the problem and initiation of the project;
    • M(Measure), Measurement – Data collection and calculation of indicators of current processes;
    • A(Analyze), Analysis – Statistical analysis, determination of significant factors;
    • I(Improve), Improvement – Development of improvement measures;
    • C(Control), Control – Evaluation of the results of changes.

      An Overview of Online Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Program

      In our engaging, highly interactive, and acclaimed Online Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, you will enjoy the flexibility of learning from any device, anytime, anywhere, and 24/7, without affecting quality. You will learn the same subjects and enjoy similar experiences as those we offer in the classroom version, but at your preferred time.

      You shouldn’t buy or opt for online learning without tasting the experience of what you will get. Otherwise, you may be disappointed when you get someone reading slides to you. Our international Master Black Belts are the brains behind our online learning program, which comprises of:

      • Interactive eLearning
      • Online study guides
      • Templates and articles
      • Knowledge checks, quizzes, and exams
      • Simulations and animations
      • Exercises to apply learning
      • Professional voice-overs
      • Downloadable content
      • Videos and games
      • Case studies and detailed project guides
      • Progress monitoring towards completion and certification

      An Overview of Virtual Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Program

      In our Virtual Lean Six Sigma Green Belt program, you will enjoy the flexibility of online training coupled with regular classroom training. This is possible through collaborative tools, tutor-led sessions, and breakout rooms.

      The Virtual Classroom program grants you the opportunity to study anywhere, anytime, provided a stable internet connection. You will be taught by our Master Black Belts the same items we cover in our regular course to ensure you get the exact ideal experience, teaching, and certification you expect.

      The virtual courses are also open to delegates across the globe, creating room for participants to interact and work as a team on different tasks.

      *This is a 5-day course that begins at 9 AM GMT until 5 PM GMT.

      An Overview of Classroom Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Program

      We offer a completely different Classroom Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Program from others in the same field because our course is delivered through a mix of classroom sessions, online study, and individual coaching. This combined approach is rewarding, more enjoyable, and has proved effective in providing the best outcomes.

      The training you will get comprises online pre-work, a 5-day classroom session, and further personal study to add to what you have learned. You will be super confident and prepared to begin your project at the end of the week.

      Our practical and engaging training offers you a daily assessment of projects and your progress and preparation in change management and technical topics required to make you a productive Green Belt.

      Classroom training is carried out in Manchester, London, Milton Keynes, York, and nationwide. The price is inclusive of course materials and lunch. The program is carried out at professional training centers.


      Learning Outcomes

      The training you get will have a significant positive impact on your employer. Our research established that an average Green Belts earns a company at least five times the training costs in their initial project upon completion.

      Completing the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training Program allows you to:

      • Enhance processes using Lean (waste removal), DMAIC, and Six Sigma (variation removal).
      • Use Lean and Six Sigma principles, techniques and tools, and educate others about the concept.
      • Utilize data to establish the leading cause of various problems.
      • Use and understand customer voice in all business areas.
      • Gathering and analyzing data correctly, making sure you make the right decisions.
      • Knowing the structures, processes, and roles to transform businesses and challenge norms.
      • Manage problems related to specific departments independently and apply teamwork in fixing complex, multi-functional problems.
      • Sort out a business issue by undertaking a project that allows you to certify.

      Our certification process adheres to industry best practices. It enables you to grasp the Lean Six Sigma at Green Belt and use it on any of your projects.

      Exam and Certification

      You have to pass the multiple-choice exam by scoring a minimum of 70% to receive the Green Belt Certification. There is also the option of sending a case study or project to be certified. You are not bound by any requirements to send this. If you prefer a Master Black Belt grading your project, we can do this at no extra cost.

      Here is a breakdown of our exam and certification options:

      1. End of Course Exam- Understanding the theory
        • 60 Questions multiple choice
        • Retakes are unlimited
        • 70% pass mark (Our first-time pass rate is 90%)
        • Open book that covers IASSC, CSSC, and ASQ curriculums
      2. Complete One Case Study or Project (Optional)
        • Storyboard submission (templated offered).
        • Master Black Belts review.
        • Issuance of Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certificate- The pass rate is 100% while we support you until certification.
        • You can use our comprehensive case study if you don’t have a project to work on.
      3. Validating Your Certification
        • Each certificate will come with a unique number to allow employers to validate them.
      4. Life Certification
        • You don’t have to pay for re-certification after several years.
        • We offer CSSC accredited courses that follow ISO 18404 certification. Our program also offers content required by BQF, CSSC, ASQ, and IASSC.