This online Visual Management course has been designed and developed in-house. It combines the knowledge of our Master Black Belts with the expertise of our eLearning developers. This means you will receive high-quality training and an optimum learning experience straight from your screen. Allowing you to train on your chosen device, at a time that suits you, this eLearning course puts you in control of your learning.

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Taking around one hour to complete, the course is short but thorough. It consists of a variety of interactive activities and downloadable material, and is accompanied by a British English voiceover. Armed with your new knowledge and assisted by our lifetime support, you will complete the course confident and ready to make improvements straight away. You will also receive certification to prove your new knowledge and gain one CPD point.

About this course

Visual Management is the easy way to implement the Lean technique and it provides big benefits to organisations who know how to use it. It is a simple but effective way of setting and communicating standards, increasing efficiency and uniting your workforce. Through the introduction of visual aids, you’ll create an environment that is so organised anyone can join and begin to add value.

Take a short, but thorough, one hour interactive online course or attend one of our one-day training courses. Teaching you all areas of the technique, you can start making improvements immediately. You’ll learn to implement basic but transformative changes and will be inspired to introduce sophisticated systems that make it almost impossible for mistakes to take place. To ensure your continued success, the course comes with lifetime support. You will also receive certification and 1 CPD point.

What will I learn?

This Lean course will give you a thorough understanding of Visual Management. You will learn how it can benefit your business and gain the tools to successfully implement the technique.

Our Visual Management training course includes:

  • What is Visual Management?
  • Examples of Visual Management in the workplace and beyond
  • Understanding the varying levels of Visual Management
  • How Visual Management can save time and money, and increase safety
  • How to implement Visual Management in your organisation
  • Identify the key benefits for your business

    Learning outcomes

    Through Visual Management, you will be able to standardise procedures and communicate messages with ease. Everyone will know why, when and how to perform their part of a process, and issues will be quickly and easily resolved. This will not only increase the efficiency of your processes, but will work to create a connected and informed workplace.

    You will complete your training ready and able to start making positive changes to your organisation. You will be able to:

    • Understand and learn to implement Visual Management
    • Create efficient, standardised and safe environments and systems
    • Save money and time
    • Identify and resolve issues in a process quickly and effectively
    • Improve communication across your organisation
    • Apply workplace organisation to any environment
    • Champion a culture of Continuous Improvement

    This course comes with guaranteed certification and one CPD point.


    There are no prerequisites for taking this training course.

    Who should attend?

    Visual Management is an adaptable technique that can transform the efficiency of any environment, from the workplace to your home. For this reason, the course will benefit anyone interested in saving time, money, and improving communication.