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Impact Consulting’s proven leadership coaching methods are designed to support your key personnel by amplifying their personal traits and experience, by removing any personal obstacles and inhibitions, leading to profound business & personal growth and to measurable bottom line commercial benefits. After an in-depth self-discovery journey, what follows is a well-structured and tailor-made action plan along with on-hand coaching throughout the agreed period.  We can also offer individual 1-to-1 personal coaching programs based on your own needs and wants to transform your professional persona and your personal effectiveness in all aspects of your social life.

This is What We Do

Each individual possesses a remarkable set of traits and potential. Combining key strengths with the right resources can yield extraordinary results and lead to successful business growth.

Our coaching program, Human Q Method, is a proven hybrid model that infuses clients’ personal traits and their professional expertise to achieve radical business transformation and commercialization.

In the first part of our program, we will help you uncover hidden inhibitions that sabotage your potential and hinder your growth.

Once we have identified these obstacles, we can then create your personal image based on your strengths that will be 100% congruent with your business proposition and ethics. In the third part, which is crucial for both leaders and their followers, you will discover non-linear ways of thinking and develop a lean mission plan.
Once you have done that, we will help you kickstart your professional transformation by
initiating a shift to an entrepreneurial mindset through heart-to-heart persuasion, C-level negotiation, and activation of commercial growth.

Based on the frameworks of the intricate heart and brain, Human Q Method and the methodologies it advocates purely reflect our personal journey as well as those of many successful leaders of our time. The program is complex yet comprehensive, and simple yet paramount. It guarantees pragmatic learning outcomes that cannot be learned in fragments and lead to radical personal and professional transformation unlike any other.

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