Lean Simplify Your Organization

Lean Simplify Your Organization

Impact Consulting helps Clients worldwide to diagnose pain points and bottlenecks and to implement mechanisms and ways of working capable of simplifying the Business, removing waste and over processing, thus increasing outcomes across the value chain.  We use our vast knowledge and expertise in the field of lean and continuous improvement to empower Clients and their Staff at all levels to spot opportunities for improvement and to sustain those changes moving forward.

By mapping the value stream, we jointly understand where the wastes are and then we apply our tools and techniques to remove/ reduce and neutralize their negative impact.  We do so by involving and engaging clients along the way, because our approach is heavily based on coaching and our success relies on the degree of self-sustainability after we have left a specific Client environment. Thanks to our international partnerships, Impact Consulting is also capable of officially certifying delegates after the successful completion of any chosen Lean Six Sigma Training Courses, including e-Learning and Classroom face to face offering depending on customer needs.

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