Our methodology is simple yet capable of making profound impact. As you can expect, our tool kit includes a variety of tools & techniques such as: Lean Six Sigma, Continuous Improvement, Visual Management, Organizational Design, Change Management, Project Management, Coaching and Mentoring. Above all, we partner with you throughout agreed end-to-end journey until desired solutions have been found and successfully implemented. From very start, our Team will design and jointly agree on ways of working, on a joint governance structure, agreed project milestones and sub-actions as well as on an effective communication plans, ensuring 100% buy-in, involvement and engagement of all relevant Business Stakeholders.

Impact Consulting Solutions Framework

Depending on nature of the job to be done, we find that following Impact Consulting framework works with most Clients. It offers a useful structure, some guiding principles and defines the deliverables through a clear line of sight from start to finish. However, we also realize that not all projects, strategies or interventions can be made to fit these steps. We remain flexible at all times to work with our Clients and Partners to jointly work out what suits best in circumstances and in specific environments in which we operate.

The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do
Steve Jobs


Where needed, we partner with international organizations who can offer specialisms outside of those immediately available within our inner circle of consultants. We call on this partnering approach in order to continuously offer latest capabilities for benefit of your organizations so that you can stay at cutting edge of all business management disciplines.

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