This Lean Practitioner training course gives you all the skills you need to successfully lead Lean initiatives, without having to take time out of your busy schedule to attend a classroom course.

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Our market-leading eLearning takes you on a virtual journey through Lean Practitioner training. It’s fully interactive – not just boring slide after boring slide – so you’ll take part in games, quizzes and activities to really cement your new skills.

Over several hours you’ll learn how to identify and eliminate waste and non-value adding activities from processes at your place of work. You’ll understand what Lean is, how to use the tools and how to inspire your colleagues.

Following this course, you’ll be able to develop a Lean initiative in your workplace and run successful Kaizen events.

This training takes around 21 hours to complete, but you will also need to allow time to complete your Lean project. As you have access to the course for six months, you should have plenty of time to work through the training.

About this course

Lean methodologies are used worldwide by major companies across all industries. They enable organisations to reduce waste, save money and improve customer satisfaction. Our Lean Practitioner training gives you the tools and techniques to achieve these significant improvements. You will become a confident Lean Practitioner with an in-depth knowledge of Lean methodologies.

Delegates are also given the opportunity to certify as a Lean Master. This requires students to pass an exam and submit a successful Lean project.

You can take this training as an interactive online course, or through a four-day classroom session. Designed to suit any industry, it is one of the most comprehensive Lean Practitioner training courses in the UK. During and after your training, you’ll benefit from lifetime support from the Impact Consulting team – so you never have to worry about going it alone.

What will I learn?

The course will begin by covering the basics of Lean, before moving on to more advanced techniques. This ensures an equal knowledge level within the class so that all students can complete the course to the highest standard.

As a trained Lean Practitioner, you will be able to implement Lean into any organisation.

You will understand and communicate the benefits of Lean and use the correct tools to identify and solve business problems.

Here is an outline of what is covered in our Lean Practitioner training:

  • What Lean is and its key principles
  • The Lean tools
  • The 5 principles of Lean
  • The 7 (or 8) wastes
  • The Toyota Production System and the 14 principles of the Toyota Way
  • Process mapping techniques including value stream mapping
  • Establishing flow
  • What an A3 is and how to use it
  • Effective team management in a Lean environment

    Learning outcomes

    Lean methodologies provide significant savings for industries across the world. For this reason, becoming or training an employee as a Lean Practitioner is a great benefit to you and your organisation.

    As a Lean practitioner you will be able to implement Lean successfully in any business. You will identify and solve problems to increase efficiency and save money. Not only will this provide financial benefits, but will also promote a positive culture of change within a company.

    On completion of Lean Practitioner training, you will:

    • Understand how to identify and eliminate waste and non-value added activity from processes
    • Learn the key Lean tools and be able to apply them back in the workplace
    • Inspire employees and create a culture of interdepartmental engagement
    • Make real improvements in efficiency and quality
    • Build on your personal leadership and influencing skills
    • Boost customer satisfaction and stakeholder confidence
    • Gain professional recognition
    • Have the opportunity to certify by submitting a project

    This Lean Practitioner training course is internationally recognised and certified by CPD. It also qualifies you for 21 CPD points.

  • How to run a Lean deployment
  • How to successfully run a Kaizen event
  • How to select and submit a Lean improvement project for certification

Whether you choose to learn online or in a classroom, you’ll get the same great quality of training and be equipped to use your skills from day one.


You do not need any prior knowledge or experience of Lean to take this course. The first few modules cover the basics to ensure all students have an equal knowledge level before beginning Lean Practitioner training.

Who should attend?

This Lean Practitioner training is ideal for those wanting to implement or understand Lean. It is available to all levels and can be applied to any industry sector.