Major Projects Readiness and Activation

Major Projects Readiness and Activation

The success of Major Projects is measured by time, quality and cost.  Real success stories unfold when all operational, technology, facilities and commercial components are perfectly integrated.  In the end, effective and smooth Processes operating across multiple Stakeholders, along with the development of the right Staff capabilities, drive real value.  Project pitfalls are avoided by testing and trialing the readiness of your operational processes and all technical systems along the way to ensure quality and total preparedness, leading up to the ultimate success. 

At Impact Consulting, we can act either in the capacity of a Client Representative managing the integration governance and methodologies, or we can engage with you directly as a Consultant to deliver specific work packages within a wider Programme.   Either way, we break down the complexity of Major Projects, integrate and align all business-critical components and thus set your business up for success.  In the final analysis, we deploy a proven and well-structured project management methodology to enable the activation of your Major Projects.  

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