Walter Molitor

Areas of Expertise
  • Large Projects’ Integration, Stakeholder Management
  • Issues & Risk Management
  • Contract and Team Management
  • Functional & Operational Structures Development
  • Organizational Development for Large Projects
  • Readiness/ Activation
  • ORAT, Transition / Transfer Management
  • MBA – Mannheim, Germany

Walter is a focused and dedicated management and implementation expert, with significant specialist experience in the integration and coordination of highly complex major Projects. After starting his career in a leading Project Management Consulting firm in Germany, and over his 32 years’ career that followed, Walter quickly developed a reputation for taking on high profile mega projects across Europe, Asia and the Middle East. He has achieved a strong record of successfully delivering Readiness and Activation Projects in the Aviation sector, authoring a methodology which can often be applied to many other industry sectors spanning from health care to education, from manufacturing to construction projects, etc. Starting always with the end goal in mind, Walter manages to steer a Project on the path to success, making use of trialed and tested project management methodologies, and adopting effective stakeholder and team management skills.

Whilst the methodology is indeed transferrable and adaptable to various industries, every Project is different and unique in its own right; as such it requires the use of the right tools to ensure business-critical activities specific to each Project are kept on track. With his extensive experience, analytical and flexible approach – combined with strong interpersonal and intercultural skills – Walter time and again manages to successfully deliver the desired Project outcomes. So much so that soon after the completion two of his recent Projects, they were voted as “World Best Airports”. Walter’s key specialisms are in: Airport & Airline Management and Activation Projects, Airport Strategic Development, Operational Efficiency, Airport & Airline Trial Operations.

Walter holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA – Mannheim, Germany), speaks fluent German, English and French and his work-life motto: “One Always Grows When Facing Challenges and Complexities” has always served him in good stead.

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