Designed and developed by our team of Business Improvement and eLearning experts, Building High Performance Teams training offers an optimum educational experience. Including interactive activities, case studies and knowledge checks, you will complete the course confident in your new skills.

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There’s no need to worry about taking time out of the office, as all course material is online. This means you can train at a time and place that suits you, and start building your effective teams straight away!

This course takes around two hours to complete, but with one month’s access to the Building High Performance Teams content, there’s plenty of time to learn at your own pace. To support your learning and ensure your continued success creating effective teams, we also offer lifetime email and phone support.

All of our online courses are optimised for desktops, laptops and tablets. This course has a British English voiceover.

About this course

We have all been part of a team, but only a fortunate few have experienced being part of a truly effective one – a team that works efficiently, communicates well and achieves real results. Over this short, but comprehensive, interactive online course you will learn how to build and nurture such high performance teams.

Offering an in-depth analysis of the making of high performance teams, you will learn to strengthen teams of any size, in any setting. Whether you want to create a new team or improve a current one, our Building High Performance Teams course will give you skills, strategies and confidence to do so. Our Business Improvement experts have applied their decades of experience across a wide range of industries to create a course can be applied to teams in any professional setting.

On completion, you will receive five CPD points and benefit from our Impact Consulting lifetime support.

What will I learn?

This course offers an in-depth look at what makes a high performance team and how to build one. It will equip you with the knowledge and strategies to develop effective teams and identify opportunities for improvement in current ones.

This online Building High Performance Teams course will include:

  • What makes a high performance team?
  • Establishing team norms
  • Evaluating and improving trust levels
  • Preparing a team for success
  • Conflict prevention and resolution techniques
  • Identify team strengths and weaknesses: SWOT analysis
  • Developing team action plans

    Learning outcomes

    This course will teach you how to build effective teams that make the most of meetings and achieve long-lasting results. This will not only benefit your organisation but the skills and strategies you will learn, including effective communication and conflict resolution, can be applied to both your personal and professional life.

    Over approximately two to five hours of interactive eLearning material, you will:

    • Understand the process of forming effective teams
    • Learn to lead effective team discussions
    • Increase your confidence and leadership skills
    • Gain a range of conflict resolution techniques
    • Improve your ability to create positive relationships

    On completion of this Building High Performance Teams training course, you will receive two Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points.


    There are no prerequisites for taking this training course.

    Who should attend?

    Although this course is designed with team leaders in mind, the knowledge and skills provided will benefit any team member. The content of this course focuses on professional teams but can also be applied to those outside the workplace.