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Online learning is the perfect way to learn a new skill without having to miss days off work. A key benefit of eLearning is being able to set your own pace and return to subjects as many times as you like, something you often don’t get in the classroom.

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This Effective Meetings online training comes with one month’s access, which should give you plenty of time to review the one hour of material as often as you want. The course is fully interactive and also includes some offline exercises, so you won’t feel tied to your desk.

All Impact Consulting eLearning is optimised for desktops, laptops and tablets.

This course has a British English voiceover and comes with unlimited email and phone support.

About the Effective Meetings course

Ineffective meetings and workshops are all too commonly accepted as part of daily company life. They regularly waste employee time and energy, resulting in significant financial costs to your company. The Imapct Meetings training will give you the tools and techniques to run engaging and effective meetings that get results. You will learn how to plan and structure facilitation sessions, inspire your team, and manage group dynamics. Supplemented with online training, one-to-one coaching and lifetime support, this is more than a training course. It is an on-going learning experience

We’ve delivered effective facilitation training to some the world’s biggest companies for over 20 years. Using our experience across almost all industries, we have created a blended course to accommodate all levels and learning types. On successful completion of your facilitation training course you can apply to be accredited as a Impact Consulting facilitator by demonstrating that you have run a number of effective facilitated sessions.

Learning outcomes

Following your Effective Meetings training you will:

  • Have practical experience using key facilitation tools
  • Understand the dynamics of meetings and workshops
  • Develop your own personal style of facilitation for the greatest impact
  • Know how to structure and run successful meetings
  • Understand how to manage and generate positive relationships
  • Know how to engage, encourage and gain commitment from people

Following the successful completion of the course you can apply to become an accredited facilitator. To achieve this accolade you must demonstrate that you have run a number of effective meetings or workshops. Once reviewed, you will be fully accredited by 100% Effective.

Course content

  • What facilitation is and what makes it effective
  • Setting up for success; creating and managing expectations
  • Planning and structuring a facilitation session
  • How to give effective feedback
  • The skills needed to be an effective facilitator
  • Understanding group dynamics and how to facilitate each phase
  • How to handle emotion, confrontation, limiting behaviours and attitudes
  • How to be the catalyst in the meeting; generate energy, enthusiasm and drive
  • The vital tools needed by any facilitator to:
    • Generate creative ideas
    • Solve problems
    • Make decisions
    • Build rapport
    • Listen well and ask the right questions
  • How to facilitate complex issues
  • Influencing: Your impact on others and how to use this to your advantage
  • Personal development planning
  • Evaluation and accreditation

Who should attend?

This course will increase confidence, improve presentation skills, and teach delegates to build positive professional relationships. This makes our effective meetings training great for individuals in all fields of work, across industries.

This training is ideal for:

  • Anyone who runs meetings, workshops, or is regularly tasked with problem solving
  • Those looking to get the most out of their team, engage project members and change processes
  • Individuals looking to improve their confidence, creativity, and develop presentation skills

Training options and prices:

In-house Options

We have the vast experience necessary to offer bespoke facilitation training for any company, in any industry. You will recieve content and activities tailored specifically to suit your business culture and needs. One of our highly skilled trainers will deliver the training at your chosen location. This unique service is a convenient and cost-effective option for those looking to train more than four delegates.

Simply click the button above to enquire about bespoke Facilitation and Effective Meetings Training your organisation.