Our Introduction to Minitab training is a one-day course led by one of our Master Black Belts. You will benefit from their vast experience of using the software in numerous industries around the world. Alongside this coaching, you will gain practical experience using Minitab to work out complex calculations by inputting your own project data into the software. Through this you will not only be able to confidently use the software, but you will have a real understanding of the benefits of Minitab.

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The Minitab course concludes with a multiple choice exam. This can be taken several times and we guarantee certification. To make sure you continue to achieve success with Minitab, we also offer our lifetime support.

About this course

Minitab is a software package used to analyse data in Business Improvement initiatives. The simple software can solve complex calculations and is essential for Lean Six Sigma and Six Sigma projects. We offer internationally recognised Minitab training with guaranteed certification. Our Minitab training is led by Master Black Belts with extensive experience using the software for projects in industries around the world.

We offer a one-day introduction classroom course or a three-day advanced classroom course. Our one-day Minitab training teaches you how to use Minitab for your Business Improvement projects. Our three-day course offers comprehensive Minitab training so you’re able to use its full functionality. Both courses provide practical experience with Minitab to ensure you certify, confident with the specialist software. Impact Consulting Minitab training is CPD-approved and all delegates receive lifetime support.

What will I learn?

On both the introduction and the advanced Minitab training, you will gain practical experience to become confident users of the software. Guided by your personal coach, you will use your own project data to see first-hand the benefits of Minitab.

After the one-day course, delegates will be competent in using Minitab to work out complex calculations for Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma projects. Alternatively, the three-day course teaches the entire functionality of Minitab so delegates are able to get the most out of the software.

Learning outcomes

Minitab deals with complicated equations and statistics that are vital to Lean and Lean Six Sigma projects, making it an essential tool for all Belts. High-quality Minitab training is an investment for both you and your company; once you have completed your course, you will be able to use the software in all future projects.

On completion of your Introduction to Minitab training you will:

  • Understand and know how to use Minitab
  • Have used the tool with real data
  • Be able to produce statistical analysis from various types of data using Minitab
  • Interpret the results from Minitab output

Advanced Minitab training will enable you to do all of the above, and also:


There are no prerequisites for taking this training course.

Who should attend?

This course is vital to any Lean Six Sigma or Six Sigma students. It is also beneficial to individuals managing projects in their workplace.

  • Lean Six Sigma students
  • Six Sigma students
  • Managers working with Lean Six Sigma or Six Sigma projects
  • Be able to use the software to produce statistical analysis from various types of data
  • Understand the best tool to use for different kinds of data
  • Understand how to use the graphics and report writing part of the package
  • Get the most out of Minitab

Both Minitab training courses are certified by CPD, an internationally recognised continuous development body. The Introduction to Minitab training course affords 10 CPD points and the Advanced Minitab training comes with 15 CPD points.