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Our Mission Is To Create A Happy Place Of Work

In partnership with our experts at Happiitude, Impact Consulting helps you create a happy workplace that celebrates the engagement, involvement, success and passion of each and every member of your Team whilst at work. Happier people have a direct positive impact on each other as well as on customers, and ultimately on the bottom line of your Business, enhancing profitability.

But don’t just take our word for it. Explore our offering of carefully curated initiatives, trialed and tested in various environments, geographical zones and diverse cultures. Our tools, techniques and methodologies are based on positive psychology, mindfulness and behavioral science and respectfully designed around your own Company culture, mission, vision and values; rather than being simple off-the-shelf solutions.

We Help You To Create
A Happier Workplace

How your employees feel at work matters! It directly impacts the bottom line and the overall profitability of your organization.

Happiness at Work is all about building sustainable happiness initiatives that are impactful, measurable, and strategically aligned to your company’s culture.

Happiitude brings you effective tools, methodologies and frameworks designed around the science of happiness to create a sustainable culture that will ignite passion, growth, and success at your workplace.

Our proven techniques are developed by combining the business understanding with evidence-based interventions in the fields of positive psychology, mindfulness, and behavioral science for decades.

A Happy Workplace Is Believe It Or Not, Good
For Your Business

Today, workplace happiness is not just some philosophical topic talked about by researchers with way too much time on their hands. It is very much a part of your company’s success. Research shows that happier employees are more productive, innovative, and stay longer with your company. Go figure, right?

Simple & Effective Solutions for Creating Your
Very Own Happy Workplace

Happiness at Work Survey

Start your company's journey to create A Happy Workplace. Our happiness surveys, backed by scientific data and research.

Happiness Workshops

Our Experienced, Engaging, & Action-Oriented coaches help you to create A Happy Workplace with scientifically designed workshops.

Certified Happiness Coach

Join our specially designed certification course in collaboration with Berkeley Institute of Well-Being, California.

Happiness Workplace Course

Enroll your HR and Culture team(s) in Asia's biggest 3-Day Happy Workplace Culture Boot-camp and create an actionable roadmap for culture initiatives.

Happily Working App

Now you can measure, boost, and sustain your Happy Workplace through this amazing mobile app. This helps you to create a sustainable happiness  system.

Science of Happiness Kits

An effective and evidence-based Happiness toolkit for educators to help children take control of their thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Curated by educationists and researchers from India and USA.

Are You Finally Ready to Create Your Own Happy Workplace?
About Time!

Happiness Culture Consulting

Since you’re planning to start your own Happy Workplace for your company, we can help you design the most effective programs with measurable success. We also enable your culture teams to create value based initiatives, mapping values to behaviors and creating a positive feedback loop with value based reward systems.

Remember, employee happiness is what directly impacts your bottom line. A Happy Workplace can be yours. You know what to do now. Connect with us.

Happier People Are More Productive More Loyal And More Innovative Than The Average Worker

In the first instance, a Happiness at Work Survey could help you identify and measure the current state of happiness of your Team. Once we have assessed where we are, we will move into designing the type of tailor-made Happiness Workshop required to address the Survey’s findings. To ensure continuity and that all-important legacy after we’ve gone, our Certified Happiness Coach Program enables internal Happiness champions to carry the torch forward in the months and years to come; though we are only one phone call away.

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