Become a master of influencing with this short eLearning course. It has been carefully designed for a business world in which traditional hierarchies are being abandoned, making communication and influencing skills increasingly important.

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Learn the skills you need, at your own pace, over just one hour. Our interactive and innovative eLearning means that you’ll be able to test your influencing skills in real-time and will feel confident during face-to-face interactions. You’ll get access to the training for one month, so you’ll have plenty of time to learn around your commitments.

This eLearning Influencing Skills training is fully optimised for desktop and mobile devices, so you can learn anywhere you have an internet connection. We are proud to offer lifetime support and are so confident in our Influencing Skills training that certification is guaranteed.

Draw on the latest research to understand your own strengths and weaknesses in order to become an influencer with dynamism, credibility and control.

About this course

As more businesses move away from traditional hierarchical structures, and start relying more on teams, influencing skills have never been more important. Having good influencing skills helps you develop your communication and interpersonal skills so that other people want to give you their help and support – rather than being coerced into it.

You’ll learn how influencing skills are used in the business world, as well as exploring what makes people great influencers. You’ll be tasked with identifying the great influencers you know, and spotting what makes them so good at it. During this eLearning course you will recognise your own weaknesses when it comes to influencing, and take meaningful steps to improve.

By the end of the course, you’ll have built on your own influencing skills to become confident and self-assured in both business and personal environments.

What will I learn?

Influencing skills are increasingly important, and this course covers all of the basics and some advanced techniques to get you confident and in control.

You’ll look at how others influence successfully, what your own influencing style is, and how you can use specific tricks and techniques to improve your effectiveness.

  • What is influencing?
  • Why are influencing skills important?
  • How are we influenced?
  • What makes people effective influencers?
  • Common influencing methods
    • Verbal persuasion
    • Data and visualisation
    • Presentations
    • Rewards and punishments
  • How to influence people to change behaviours
  • Why people behave the way they do
  • 13 new key ways to influence behaviours for success
  • How to inspire
  • Charting your personal development

This training course is delivered online using our market-leading eLearning and includes interactive quizzes and an exam at the end to cement your learning.

Learning outcomes

Influencing skills are essential in both a personal and professional sense, as they help us to improve our communication and our understanding of the motivations of those around us. To be a really successful influencer, you need to understand what makes other people tick, and that can drastically improve your overall interpersonal skills.

On completion of the Influencing Skills Training you will:

  • Understand what influencing is and how it can be used effectively, both in your professional and personal life
  • Know what makes people great at influencing, and what we can learn from them
  • Appreciate your current strengths and identify areas to develop
  • Understand how people are influenced
  • Know how to influence, rather than coerce
  • Make your influencing techniques more effective

This Influencing skills training course comes with 1 CPD point.


There are no prerequisites to this Influencing Skills training course. It’s suitable for people from all different backgrounds and industries.

Who should attend?

This Influencing Skills  training is ideal for those looking to improve their own communication and level of influence. It is available to all levels, can be applied to any industry sector and so is suitable for personal use.