Our online time management training wastes no time – you can complete the course in under two hours! There’s no need to take time out of the office, travel to a venue, or worry about keeping up with other delegates. ELearning allows you to train at your own pace, when and where you like. The course is highly interactive, with examples and videos to engage and educate.

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Our Little’s Law online course has a British voiceover and is optimised for desktops and tablets. You can retake the exam multiple times and we guarantee certification. To ensure you have more than enough time to complete your training and revise the materials, we provide one month’s access to the course. We are proud to offer lifetime support to assist in the continued success of your time management skills.

About this course

Improve your time management skills with our online Little’s Law training course. Little’s Law is an equation that demonstrates that the more tasks we take on, the longer it will take to complete each task. The equation and theories of Little’s Law are simple, but effective. When applied correctly, they will transform your efficiency, both personally and professionally.

Our online time management training is interactive and engaging. There are varied examples throughout the course to give a clear understanding of the power of Little’s Law and how to use it. In two to five hours, you will know how to calculate the exact impact workload has on lead time and delivery rate, to make informed improvements. This short eLearning course is ideal for anyone wanting to improve their time management skills. Our online Little’s Law training is CPD approved and comes with guaranteed certification.

What will I learn?

Our Little’s Law online course covers everything you need to know to improve your time management skills in two to five hours. You will learn how to calculate your lead time to find the ideal improvements. You will gain essential project management skills to improve process speed, reduce excess inventory and increase overall efficiency.

Here is the outline of our Little’s Law online course:

  • Introduction to Little’s Law
  • Key definitions – lead time, work in process, completion rate
  • Factors affecting lead time
  • What is Little’s Law?
  • Using Little’s Law to improve you time management
  • Excess inventory and your process
  • Why do we need inventory?
  • Reducing work in process
  • How Little’s Law can help you

    Learning outcomes

    Individuals with great time management skills are of high value to any company. By taking Little’s Law training, you will not only possess excellent personal time management skills, but be able to improve the time management of processes across a company. Little’s Law gives you the equations to calculate the positive affects of your new skills.

    As this course is both short and online, there is no need to take time away from the office. In two to five hours, you will:

    • Improve your time management skills
    • Understand what Little’s Law is and how to apply it
    • Understand how it can help with project and time management
    • Be able to use Little’s Law to calculate lead time to identify the necessary resources to complete a project
    • Learn the skills to use Little’s Law in a real-life scenario

    We guarantee certification with our time management training. The course is CPD approved and you will receive 1 CPD point.


    There are no prerequisites for taking this training course.

    Who should attend?

    Little’s Law time management training is ideal for anyone who wants to improve their time management skills. It is particularly beneficial to those involved in:

    • Project management
    • Logistics
    • Operations
    • Resource management
    • Improvement teams