Whether it’s a crippling workload or a high-stake situation, it can be difficult for even the toughest cookie not to crumble under pressure – but it is possible. In this short online Pressure Management training course, you will learn how to hold it together in such situations and how to create balance in your life to avoid pressure altogether.

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This interactive eLearning course will educate you on the effect of pressure in and out of the workplace, beginning by reflecting on your own current levels of stress. You will gain emotional intelligence, an optimistic outlook, and a toolkit for dealing with stress and anger effectively. On completion of the course, you will also have a strong understanding of your own priorities and goals, and how to achieve them.

As the course is fully optimised for all devices and can be taken wherever you have an internet connection, you are in control of your learning. The length of this Pressure Management training course depends on your own pace of learning, but we recommend you allow up to two hours to complete the course.

The course comes with certification, lifetime support and 1 CPD point.

About this course

In the competitive workplace, pride is often gained from facing high-pressure situations head-on. However, while a little pressure may keep you motivated, too much is bad for your health and not conducive to productivity.

This Pressure Management training course will help you review and address your own levels of stress and give you the tools to bring balance to your personal and professional life. Topics covered in the course include emotional intelligence, optimism and prioritisation. You will complete the course with a clear vision of your overarching goals, and will be armed with a personalised toolkit for managing stress and dealing with anger.

Our pressure management training is available as an online or in-house course. On successful completion of your training, you will receive a certificate and one CPD point. We also offer all students lifetime support to ensure their continued success.

What will I learn?

This Pressure Management training course will reveal the negative effects pressure can have on your health, well-being and career. You will gain the tools and techniques to deal with and avoid stress in all walks of life.

The course includes the following:

  • Dealing with pressure and stress.
  • What’s the cost of pressure in the workplace?
  • Revealing and reflecting on your current stress levels.
  • Identifying the pressure points.
  • Taking control and influencing pressure points.
  • Creating an action plan to overcome pressure points.
  • Setting SPIRIT goals.
  • Emotional intelligence and Plutchik’s Wheel of Emotions.
  • The SOLER technique to listening.
  • Optimism, pessimism and resilience.
  • Creating a toolkit for coping.
  • Understanding anger and learning how to manage it.
  • The five dimensions of anger.
  • How to become assertive, not angry.
  • Organisation skills and creating effective to-do lists.

    Learning outcomes

    Pressure management training will help you take back control of your personal and professional life. Instead of suffering the negative effects of pressure, you will learn to deal with it effectively and even avoid it altogether.

    Individuals with the tools to handle pressure are an invaluable presence in the workplace; not only are they able to prioritise in a way that makes them highly productive, but they make great leaders.

    Following this Pressure Management training course you will:

    • Better understand pressure and how it affects you, in and out of the workplace.
    • Have addressed your own level of stress and feel more in control.
    • Have improved your levels of emotional intelligence, optimism and resilience.
    • Have a personalised toolkit for managing stressors and dealing with anger.
    • Know your priorities and have clear goals.

    You will also receive guaranteed certification and 1 CPD point.


    There are no prerequisites for taking this training course.

    Who should attend?

    This Pressure Management course is suitable for anyone struggling to deal with pressure, whether in their personal or professional life. While the course is designed with workplace stress in mind, the tools, techniques and knowledge covered can be applied to all situations.

    If you would like to clarify whether Pressure Management training will be of benefit to you, please get in touch for assistance.