No matter what industry or profession you work in, it’s often useful to understand who has a vested interested in the work you are doing – and who it would be beneficial to have on your side. There are many instances in our professional lives when we need to make some changes that may not be popular, and knowing who could help us to smooth that transition is invaluable.

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This interactive eLearning course gives you all of the skills you need to carry out a stakeholder analysis and then put steps in place to manage your relationship and communication with those key people.

Over the course the course, you’ll enjoy an interactive learning experience that includes exercises, activities, quizzes and more to cement your learning. This Stakeholder Analysis training is fully mobile optimised and can be completed on any desktop or mobile device.

100% Effective’s eLearning is some of the best on the market, and comes with unlimited lifetime support – so whether you need some advice in one year, or ten, you can be confident that we’ll help however we can.

About this course

No matter what role we have, we all cater to stakeholders. They could be our boss, our customers or our teammates. They could even be our family. However, without analysing who they could be, we could unwittingly damage our relationship with them. This Stakeholder Analysis training will help you understand the reasons behind doing a stakeholder analysis, and why it is beneficial to know who the stakeholders in any process are.

Getting a better idea of people’s motivations for acting the way they do can help you anticipate problems before they arise, ensuring your project or change runs as smoothly as possible.

During this interactive course, you’ll walk through how to complete a stakeholder analysis step by step with a practical example. You’ll also learn about influencing and effective communication, so that you can apply the learning to your own place of work as soon as you’ve completed the course.

You’ll learn key tools for communicating, and how to develop your own communication plan for the change or project you’re overseeing. During the session you’ll also make a start producing a personal stakeholder analysis for your project, change or situation.

What will I learn?

This eLearning course is focused and explores stakeholder analysis in close detail, but is still short enough to complete in an afternoon. You’ll gain knowledge about the purpose of stakeholder analysis, and complete the training confident in your skills to carry one out.

Your Stakeholder Analysis training course covers:

  • What is stakeholder management?
  • Overview of the key principles
  • Who are the stakeholders in a project or change?
  • What can go wrong with stakeholders?
  • What is stakeholder planning?
  • How to conduct a stakeholder analysis
  • The 7 steps of a stakeholder analysis
  • How to identify your stakeholders
  • How to group stakeholders together
  • How to prioritise and identify key stakeholders
  • How to communicate with stakeholders effectively
  • Understanding your stakeholder’s position, attitudes, expectations and desires
  • Understanding influence, power and support
  • How to create an influencing strategy
  • 13 ways to boost buy-in from your stakeholders
  • Developing a communications plan
  • 11 key tips for effective stakeholder management
  • Develop your personal stakeholder analysis for your project, change or situation

    Learning outcomes

    While stakeholder analysis may seem like a niche topic, the concepts of relationship management and understanding who your customers are is universal. This means that stakeholder analysis training can be useful for people in all kinds of roles and industries.

    These are just some of the benefits you’ll gain from completing the course. You will:

    • Understand and be able to explain the principle of stakeholder management
    • Know how to run an effective stakeholder analysis
    • Be able to influence change and deliver effective projects by managing and influencing stakeholders
    • Practise a stakeholder analysis on a current issue, change or project you are working on and be guided step by step through the process
    • Become effective at identifying and managing stakeholders in your projects and changes

    You will receive 2 CPD points upon completion of this course. The exam and certificate are included in the course.


    There are no prerequisites for taking this training course.

    Who should attend?

    Although this course has been designed for managers and project leaders, it is beneficial for people in all roles. It is particularly useful for:

    • Project Managers
    • Programme Managers
    • Change Managers
    • Those designing and implementing new processes
    • Managers at all levels
    • C-Suite personnel looking to change a business, function or area