This Human Error foundation training course provides insights into why Humans make errors, how to identify the true root causes of those errors and how to eliminate them.

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To err is Human, every process in your company is prone to error which affects – quality, customer satisfaction, safety, productivity and profitability.   Humans make mistakes, this course enables you to understand how to reduce them, by identifying real root causes or designing the possibility of human error out of your product, process or service at source.

Most companies repeat the same Human Errors over and over again as they assume mistakes can’t be avoided.  This is not true.  Companies will focus on major issues but productivity and profitability are destroyed by hundreds of small mistakes.  Learn how to analyse mistakes and eliminate them don’t just accept them.

Human Error Course Overview

Through practical exercises, case studies and discussions you will be able to examine and categorise human errors, identify their causes and how to support their elimination.  How to change your culture, your design processes, your business improvement processes, your data collection processes and your problem-solving processes.

This Human Error / Factors investigation and elimination will provide all the essential knowledge to enable you to understand the topic, set up for success and run investigations.  For those looking for deeper knowledge on investigations, root cause analysis and elimination techniques then this course equips you for our Practitioner training course.

Developed in house by our world renowned MBB’s the course includes:

  • Interactive and engaging eLearning which stimulates your learning
  • Professional British voice overs
  • Simulations, animations, videos and games
  • Online study guides
  • Knowledge checks, quizzes and exams
  • Exercises to apply learning
  • Progress tracking towards completion and certification

Learning outcomes

Following completion of the Human Factors training course you will be able to: –

  • Understand the psychology of human errors what they are, why they happen and why it is vital to eliminate them
  • Understand the 21 key reasons for human errors so you can analyse and eliminate them
  • How to apply the 5-step process for investigating root causes and eliminating them to reduce human errors
  • Understand how human errors can be eliminated
  • The skills and support needed by your human errors / factors investigators
  • Use human errors to change your organisation culture

Course content

This foundation Human Error training uses practical exercise, case studies and discussions to challenge your current thinking, to expand your awareness of the subject and equip you with the skills needed to make a difference.

Key topics include

  • Introduction – we all make errors
  • Objective of human error investigation and elimination
  • Why do we need human error investigation and elimination?
  • Categories of human error
  • The principle of human performance
  • How to run an effective investigation
  • The skills needed to be an investigator
  • PEAR Model – Checklist of 21 key causes of Human Error, what do they mean and how to identify them
  • Eliminating human errors
  • Next steps and review of your workshop activities (exercises are used through the training)

Who should attend?

This course is perfect if you are:

  • Responsible for or involved in process or business improvement
  • A Lean or Lean Six Sigma practitioner
  • In operations where deviations, human error or improvements in quality, safety, customer satisfaction or performance are required – operations managers, quality managers, supervisors, process owners
  • Involved in design of new processes, products or services within a company – engineers, marketing, designers
  • Involved in Health and Safety in any way – senior managers, health and safety personnel, investigators, auditors
  • Involved in people development and performance – training managers, HR specialists, Learning managers.

This is not a specialist course for Health and Safety it covers Human Error investigation and elimination for all aspects of a business.

Certification and exams

Following completion of the training you will be awarded a Foundation of Human Error Investigation and Elimination certificate.